Hey you! How can we convince you?

It feels a bit overdone to say your life will change after buying and wearing BOCKX bracelets. Like: you will feel great! Reborn! Another man, more competent, more successful if you wear a BOCKX!

But when it comes to mens’ fashion, it can be sometimes hard to express yourself in why you should choose a BOCKX Bracelet. We mean, on the surface it does feel like an over-exaggeration to say “hey dude, this is life-changing stuff!!”.

But follow us, let’s delve a little deeper here. What’s your motivation to wear your bracelets? …

Speaking for myself, if I was a man wearing a bracelet, it would need to be a statement. It would need to say something about me. And if it says something about me, I’d probably want it to be manly, tough, robust, good looking, maybe even make people curious.

And I’d also want to have something that not everybody else has. It should be unique because I want to be unique. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. Who does? In some way we all want to feel special, right?

Why would my bracelet need to have all these properties? Because that’s what I aspire to. That’s how I want people to perceive me. And because I believe that, when I’d wear it, it would be true. I’d feel more manly, and in turn, I’d feel more confident. And if I’m more confident, it’s not such a stretch to think I might be more successful too.

Because when I’m confident I make different decisions than when I feel unsure. And people sense that too. If you feel confident and great about yourself, people are more likely to react positively to you, both socially and in business.

Ultimately, no matter what we buy, we’re looking for a transformation. We’re looking to upgrade our status in some way. We want to feel better about ourselves.

So, to summarise:

  • You will be noticed.
  • You will stand out from the crowd.
  • And you will feel confident, manly, and look great.

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